Careless Driving

How long does careless driving stay on your record? Will my ticket be dismissed if the officer doesn’t show? We understand you have a lot of questions. We totally understand where you’re coming from. Do not take it for granted. It is recommended to take an action fast.

We can help you with the following traffic ticket cases:

    • Aggressive Driving
    • Careless Driving / Reckless Driving Ticket
    • Driving while Driver’s License is Suspended
    • Driving while License has been Revoked
    • Driving Without Proof of License
    • Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device Traffic Ticket
    • Failure To Properly Signal
    • Failure to Yield Car Accident
    • Following Too Closely or “Tailgating” Fines
    • Habitual Impaired Driving
    • Improperly Wide Turn Ticket
    • Lane change Violation Ticket
    • Late Payment Traffic Fines Violation
    • Leaving the Scene Of a Road Accident
    • Passing a Stopped School Bus Violation Ticket
    • Red Light Camera Violation Ticket
    • Under the influence of alcohol while driving while operating a vehicle

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